Three recipes for winter

Three recipes for winter

In the cold winter, life activities change from static to dynamic. At this time, scientific health must be maintained and properly adjusted to enhance physical fitness and reduce disease.

Winter diet should follow the “autumn and winter nourish yin” principle, that is, eat some food that nourishes yin and yang, such as mulberry, longan, turtle, black fungus and so on.

Diet should also be slightly, should be light, should not eat fatty, salty food.

Eat more protein, vitamins, and high-fiber foods, eat less, sugar-rich foods, eat more lamb, dog meat, beef, celery, white radish, potatoes, cabbage, spinach, apples, longan, etc.

You can also eat more nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. Although they are high in trace amounts, they are mainly unsaturated fatty acids, which help lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease.

  Here are a few winter recipes for everyone to replace.

  Angelica ginger lamb soup 1,000 grams of mutton, angelica, 30 grams of ginger each, more than ten grains of Chinese wolfberry and pepper.

Put the lamb in the boiling water pot to remove the blood, cut into cubes, put in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and add angelica, ginger, wolfberry, and pepper; at the same time, boil over high heat and simmer for about one and a half hoursJust fine.

Mutton is nourishing qi and nourishing qi, and angelica is nourishing blood and nourishing blood. At the same time, it is used together to complement each other. It is a good recipe for nourishing qi and blood.

Most of these people are women, often showing chills, fatigue, fatigue, hot food, decreased libido, cold hands and feet.

  Yam wolfberry, rabbit meat yam 30 grams, wolfberry 15 grams, rabbit meat 500 grams, 4 red dates.

Red dates are pitted, rabbit meat is cut into pieces, oil is removed, and blood water is removed with boiling water.

Put all the ingredients into the casserole, add water and boil, then change to a small fire pot 2?
After 3 hours, season and serve.

Chinese wolfberry nourishes liver and kidney, eyesight, yam, spleen and kidney, red dates, spleen and nourishing blood, rabbit meat, qi and nourishing qi, its protein content is rich and trace, cholesterol content is low.

Combined to nourish the liver and kidney, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, for those with insufficient kidney qi.

  100 grams of lamb, papaya, 500 grams of mutton, 5 grams of apples, 300 grams of peas, 100 grams of sugar, seasoning with salt, 10 grams of pepper, and 50 grams of rice.

Take the papaya juice, cut the mutton into small cubes, add the previous rice, apples, peas, dried ginger, papaya juice, boil the water and simmer over low heat until the peas are cooked. Add the sugar, salt, and pepper.Take after warming.

Papaya dispels dampness and relieves muscles, apples are dry and damp and cold, peas are nourishing Qi and water, mutton is nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and they are combined to dispel wind and dispel colds, and relieve dampness and pass menstruation.

Mostly used for those with cold limbs.

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