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Yoga women can be sexy too

Victoria’s Secret, sexy and charming has always been synonymous with it.
Not only is Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie collection incredibly beautiful, but the design of other women’s products also exudes an irresistible charm!
Its yoga clothing items are no exception. The perfect design tailoring allows women to show their feminine figure just right in yoga practice, showing a little femininity at all times, and it is also very suitable for home and leisure travel wear. Victoria’s SecretTell women: be sexy with yoga!
  Yoga mini skirt & hooded top wonderful interpretation: Yoga mini skirt, can be worn during sports or leisure, using a high percentage of Lycra elastic fiber, side stripes design.
Top, hooded design, half-length, fitted well.
Cotton / modal.
  Yoga pants & V-neck blouse 解读 Wonderful interpretation: Yoga suit set, suitable for wearing in gyms, streets and other places, is a must-have in your cabinet.
Soft cotton design with a high percentage of Lycra elastic fibers that fits the body.
The pants are low-rise.
  The striped sports top is a wonderful interpretation: a must-have item for sports, with stripes on the sides of the sleeves, nylon / elastic fiber, and a front zip.
  A seamless interpretation of the seamless sports vest: Racerback design.
Lightweight fits the body.
Double-layer construction, super soft friction-free woven fabric.
Nylon / elastic.
  Striped Yoga Pants & French Hoodie: Wonderful interpretation: Striped yoga pants, a yoga pants suitable for wearing in any place, of course, can also be worn as casual pants, simple and elegant design.
Full of flexibility.
The soft cotton texture is very snug.
A high percentage of Lycra elastic fibers is also added.
French hoodie, elastic drawstring, cotton.

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