Will you be the woman a man loves?

Will you be the woman a man loves?

1. A sensible woman knows when to be coquettish and when to cherish him like a child.

If he was a student, she wouldn’t just ask him to skip classes to accompany her to shopping, and would not let him buy luxury goods without financial means.

If he is already working, she will not blame you for forgetting to call her, and will not ask you to talk sweetly when he is upset at work. Even if you are in a bad mood, she will hold you gently and always stand by his side.

  2, an understanding, knowledgeable woman, she will not always ask him to give in first.

Boys must understand tolerance and accommodation, not because she is a woman, but because he is a man.

But she will never be spoiled for this and wait for him to apologize to her from beginning to end, but she will coquettishly with him carefully and ask for his forgiveness.

  3, beautiful but not frivolous woman when she and his friends party together will be beautiful but not glamorous, only occasionally wearing very hot clothes in front of him.

She will always treat him differently from other boys, instead of always showing everyone the beauty of a peacock.

  4. Responsible women In modern times when only men’s sense of responsibility is highlighted, women should actually have sense of responsibility.

Many women are with men for power, for profit, for money, and for power.

They just use emotion and body as a tool in exchange for what they want.

Such a woman is with you today for something, and then she will leave you in order to get something else.

Do you dare to have such an irresponsible woman?

Good women should be responsible for themselves and others, and have the ability to control themselves in front of money.

  5, self-respecting and self-loving woman When a good woman meets a man she likes, she should get along first, understand whether the other person is suitable for herself, and then experience the deepening of the relationship and let it happen naturally.

A woman who goes to bed casually with men, ask men, do you dare to marry such a woman?

Therefore, when you meet a woman who values herself and loves herself, you should take good care of it. There are too few women like this.

  6. Thoughtful women The pressure on modern society is increasing, and men working hard have already endured a lot of pressure.

A thoughtful woman should be able to share some of the pressure for men, at least they can have their own career and life value, and do not just rely on men.

Women will learn a lot in social life and stress, so that they will become more mature, charming, stronger and brave.

A thoughtful woman has the ability to control herself in front of money. Who does not love money? But if you have money, you have everything. Can you buy true love?

If love and marriage are only built on money?

She disappeared when the riches were gone.

So thinking women understand what they want, not blindly chasing fame and money.

  7. A woman who loves men and loves herself will not love her women, and men will not love you.

Many women pay a lot for their loved ones in love, but ignore their existence, but in the end they are forsaken by men.

From a certain point of view, men’s change of heart is used by women.

Men are always full of curiosity. No matter how much they love, in the end men will only feel that they should, and they will not be cherished after a long time.

Therefore, a smart woman first loves herself, cherishes her body, loves her appearance, and changes her appearance from time to time, so that men always pay attention to themselves.

When encountering such a woman, a man can’t even love it.

  8. Women who have their own space and give men plenty of space. Women like this have their own friends. When they are unhappy, they can talk to their friends. They do n’t have to throw their troubles on their other half.
She also has her own friend of the opposite sex, but she knows the relationship with him very well. She doesn’t need to worry about her boyfriend, she will clearly grasp the boundaries.

   9. Going to the hall and getting to the kitchen, although the old tune is talked about, but no matter how the society develops, the man still hopes that his wife is beautiful outside, and when he returns home, he will have a table of delicious meals.

But it is not easy for women to do this.

  10, the woman who loves her boyfriend heartily, she is not necessarily the most beautiful woman, not necessarily the most temperamental, not necessarily the smartest, but she must be his favorite.

She will take care of him when he is sick; listen to your delay in venting when he is upset and give him encouragement; give him selfless care and the greatest help when he needs her.

Maybe she was a little bit shy, but that was because she loved him!

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