Fall in love with two women

Fall in love with two women

“He said that he fell in love with another woman, can love be like this?

Can a man really fall in love with two women at the same time?

“A woman sobbed to the psychologist.

  Her husband told her that he was in love with another woman, but he still loved her.

In fact, when he had a second relationship, he also wanted her to maintain that family and raise good children; and when his love was not going well, or before the woman was not completely under his control, he begged her not to askdivorce.

In short, he wanted her to understand that it was not his fault.

  Many married men need two or more women to make them feel safe.

More married men can neither handle the red-light marriage properly, nor properly deal with the new woman-in love with two women, it seems difficult for him to break up with one and marry the other.

  It can be concluded that such a man is unlikely to love two women, or not to love any woman at all.

Obviously they attract a lot of women in terms of sex, hoping that they care about him and commit to him-he understands his sexual desire or sexual needs as “love”.

However, he doesn’t actually love any women.

  These men’s emotional problems do not conform to any chemical reaction mode at all.

They will not take the initiative to crack this triangle, and they have no or unwillingness to use their extra energy to develop two loves.

They have immature narcissism and are afraid of having a real relationship with women.

He would rather have a bed with a messy table, even without the pity of a woman, rather than sit and enjoy a tense and orderly life brought about by establishing an equal and intimate relationship with an upright partner.

  He often feels shy about marriage and a thorough understanding of women and should not be scared.

  For many men, the thing they are most afraid of is generally stuck in a happy marriage.

In the face, they were afraid to share life and reorganize with a female companion who had seen him through, and they did not want to give up a woman who saw herself as a hero or a baby.

When the reality of life makes them overwhelmed, they always aim to run away, and live a free and casual life as a teenager.

For example, they may not be strong enough or they may not have the courage to run away.

They often yearn for their love dreams. Like a child who can’t live without her mother, they always hope to get enough comfort and security.

  Until he wakes up, staying with him as a wife may help him, but if he thinks he can love or is in love with two women, this is meaningless wishful thinking.

Before he could see the true nature of his problems, he had hurt the women who entered his life.

Among the two women, he will not and it is difficult to choose which one, because they both attract him and scare him.

When he has two women, he feels safe and content, and when he gets along with a woman, he is very unconfident and therefore extremely restless.

Of course, he needed psychological counseling, not women.

  Men and women must understand that when one man falls in love with two women, no matter which side uses the word “love,” it can be potentially misleading.

It must be remembered that love is not just general feelings, but includes giving and being attached to each other. As for “love is a selfless dedication”, it is mostly just a great empty talk.

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