[Can Dongzao be eaten on an empty stomach]_Okay_Can you

[Can Dongzao be eaten on an empty stomach]_Okay_Can you

Winter jujube is rich in vitamins. The appearance of winter jujube is very beautiful, and the winter jujube taste is sweet and sour.

Dong jujube also has the effect of nourishing blood, and both mothers and children can eat it.

The skin of Dongzao is relatively hard. It is best not to eat Dongzao on an empty stomach. Eating too much can cause indigestion, and stomach pain may even cause diarrhea.

Therefore, when people eat Dongzao, they must chew slowly and messily.

Can Dongzao be eaten on an empty stomach: It is best not to eat it on an empty stomach.

Dong jujube has blood, anti-cancer, liver protection, and anti-fatigue effects. It belongs to the tonic category in Chinese medicine and is suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and when the nutrition recovers after illness.

Eating a handful of winter dates a day can satisfy the body’s supply of vitamin C for a day.

It should be reminded that the skin of Dongzao is hard and contains insoluble crude fiber, which is extremely difficult to digest. It must be chewed thoroughly when eating, not to “swallow the jujube”, otherwise it will increase the burden of the hot road.

At the same time, do not eat Dongzao on an empty stomach or before going to bed, otherwise you will have a heartburn.

Jujube is rich in carbohydrates and sweet. It can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. Therefore, stomach acid is too much, and it is not suitable for those who often have acid reflux.

People with more phlegm and constipation should also be cautious, because jujube is too hot, which will help the fire to heat.

Dongzao is best eaten at any time: It is best to eat it at 10 am or 3 or 4 pm.

Winter jujube generally tastes delicious before and after the frost. Early-maturing winter jujube is on the market in August / September. When it is immature, it has a grassy flavor, not sweet or crisp, so it is also called frozen jujube.

Shandong Dongzao is a late-maturing date variety unique to China.

Among the winter jujube varieties, Shandong winter jujube tastes better.

From late September (white maturity period) to mid-October (maturity period) can be harvested one after another.

This variety has strong adaptability, high yield and stable yield, late fruit maturity, high quality, and is an excellent late-maturing fresh food species.

Winter jujube is delicious, crispy, and delicate in quality. It is a high-end fresh food in the deciduous fruit trees in the north. It can crack when it falls to the ground when mature. The juice is slag-free and sweet and fragrant.

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