Why do lonely people like to be with cats?

Why do lonely people like to be with cats?

“There are two ways to escape the myth of life: music and cats,” said Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer.

“And now the popular” Ding Chong “family-a two-person family that treats pets as children, there are also many people who use cats as new members of their families. When talking about cats, they are exactly the same as children.

What magic power does a cat put on so many emotions?

Let’s take a look at psychology.

  Can cats relieve emotional stress?

  People often say that cats are very selfish animals, but when cats become pets, people seem to be more selfish: they want pets to bring joy to themselves, not trouble.

But can cats really make people happy?

  A recent Swiss study surveyed 212 couples who had cats and asked them to rate cats and partners separately.

It turns out that cats can alleviate their comorbid emotions, but when it comes to improving positive emotions, partners are still more influential than cats.

Therefore, the cat may not make you suddenly happy and want to sing, but it can make the low day better.

  Are cats attached to people?

  Can cats ease anxiety because they are close to people?

There are “good things” researchers who take cats and owners into strange environments to see how their attachment relationship is.

It turns out that when the cat stays with the owner, they are more relaxed and have a strong desire to explore even in strange environments.

But when the owner is away, the cat usually finds a corner to hide.

This is the attachment relationship between the baby and the mother. The cat not only loves the food and shelter given by the owner, but also relies on the owner emotionally like a child.

  Does a cat have a “cat grid”?

  If you ask cat owners, do you think cats have character?

Most people will say yes.

The researchers sent a form to cat owners, which divided the cat’s personality into four dimensions for the owner to describe.

  The four dimensions are: lively, intelligent, curious, able to communicate emotionally, friendly, self-defensive, aggressive, timid, and cowardly. These four dimensions are very similar to the dimensions of personality, corresponding to the dimensions of personality.Extroverted, neurotic, pleasant and open to experience.

Like personality, most cats do n’t fall into one dimension, and there are some other four aspects, which are then combined into the characteristics of each cat.

Some people may question whether “cat grid” is just human imagination?

The researchers also described the character of strange cats, and the results were not far behind the description of the owner.

  The close relationship between humans and cats When a cat grows up and becomes independent, its interaction with it is more like a conversation with a progressively independent child.

A researcher in military applied ecology and animal psychology has found that the most harmonious relationship between humans and cats is based on human respect for cat independence.

This may explain why keeping pets can improve the interpersonal relationship of some people: experience the coexistence of intimacy and respect, and keep in touch with each other’s intentions.

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