Winter whitening is no longer a problem


Winter whitening is no longer a problem

As the saying goes: “Autumn harvest and winter hiding”.

Everything is dormant in winter, but it is actually the season for skin care and the best time to restore whitening.

The UV index in winter is relatively low, which is the best time to repair UV damage in summer. As long as we are good at maintenance and diligent in sun protection, we can restore the whitening skin in the coming year by grasping the five details of whitening in winter.

Let me take a look at them.

  Details one: anti-aging and whitening first Many people don’t care about the order of using whitening products. They think that the skin is absorbed the same regardless of the first use and the later use. In fact, this is a very wrong concept.

The effects of different orders of products often have the same diameter.

When whitening, many people use both anti-aging serum and whitening serum at the same time.

Anti-aging essence works on the skin’s dermis, while whitening essence only works on the surface of the skin.

If you use the Timeline Whitening Essence and apply the anti-aging essence, the ingredients of the anti-aging essence will be blocked by the whitening essence and will not work.

Therefore, only by using the anti-aging essence first, can it penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, and then use the whitening essence to act on the epidermis, so that the effects of both can be fully exerted.

  Details 2: Whitening and careful massage can promote blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism, remove dull pigments for the skin, and comprehensively promote the skin’s absorption of whitening essence ingredients.

Therefore, many people use massage as their whitening method, and feel that this method is healthy, safe, and has no side effects. The more you do, the better.

But in fact, too much massage makes the skin temperature often higher than usual, which is not conducive to the decline of melanin.

In addition, most whitening products are aimed at light and trigger. Excessive skin temperature is not bad for whitening, but it will inhibit the effectiveness of whitening products.

Therefore, massage whitening and whitening try less.

If it is for the skin to better absorb the nutrition of the product, the massage should be as gentle as possible, and the time should be kept within 1 minute.

  Details three: Whenever you bring sunscreen, UV rays can’t damage whitening.

Even if the weather is cold as it is now, the UVB that destroys the skin in the sun is still as strong as in the summer sun.

Therefore, sun protection must not be ignored.

In addition, when manufacturers test the sun protection effect of their products, they usually apply a sunscreen cream of 2-3 mm on the test skin. However, it is impossible to apply such a thickness when we use it normally.When you are active, you must bring your sunscreen with you and reapply it every 2-3 hours to achieve a complete sunscreen effect.

  Details four: After the physiological period, the whitening mask is a whitening product that accelerates the effect, but whether its effect can be fully exerted or how to make it better is a matter that needs to be carefully studied.

Under normal circumstances, just a few days after the physiological period, the skin metabolism starts to accelerate and the absorption capacity is optimally decomposed. At this time, using a whitening mask to cover the face can often receive unexpected results.

  Details five: cleaning of picking sticks At present, picking sticks are included in many whitening products. Applying picking sticks to whitening products is convenient and fast.

However, many people often do not pay attention to cleaning after using the pick stick, which causes various impurities to remain on the pick stick, so it is easy to contaminate the whitening products when they are used again, and the effectiveness of slender whitening products.

However, it should be noted that baby wipes are not suitable for cleaning picks, because baby wipes may contain fragrance powders that can contaminate whitening products.

  Grasp the details in place to really whiten and have effect!

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