What yoga moves can correct O-legs?

What yoga moves can correct O-legs?

Question: Are there any yoga moves that can make O-shaped legs into small straight legs?


I am a beginner in yoga. I have practiced for more than half a year. I have a question to ask: I heard that if you choose the wrong posture or method, Oleg will be more O. My is not too serious but can be trimmed straight, I thinkQuestions about choosing a type of asana to correct leg shape, or what problems to pay attention to when practicing yoga?

Thank you!

  Answer: There is a yoga movement that specifically corrects the shape of the legs. It is very simple and the effect is good. It is recommended that you use it: 1. Sitting posture, legs straight together, upper body and lower body 90 degrees.

  2. Inhale, lift up with gravity, exhale, hold your feet with both hands (the strong one can extend the arms to the front of the body), the upper body is closer to the legs, the spine is kept upright, try to use your chin to close to a section orCalf.

Keep this position and take 5 deep breaths.

  In addition, there are two other movements in my article on the station to correct leg shape.

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