Ten methods for the elderly health and brain massage

Ten methods for the elderly health and brain massage


The gongs and the big fish (the muscles on the roots of the thumb) are two points.

First, put your right hand on the left hand, the thumb two fingers are outside the left thumb, and the other three fingers are pressed on the Laogong.

A little bit of effort to try to get the heat of the hand, then use the same method to use your left hand to rub your right hand.


Dry-cleaning face (搓迎香穴).

Put your hands on the top, and press the middle finger on the acupuncture point (that is, the hollow incision in the nose), and squat from the bottom to the forehead for 36 times.

More than the above can enhance the disease resistance and improve immunity, and has the function of regulating blood pressure (high blood pressure, blood pressure, low blood pressure can be improved), and the best prevention of colds.


Wipe the forehead.

Put your hands on the forehead (first left hand down), wipe from the left temple to the right temple 25 times, then change the right hand down, 25 times from right to left, can be accelerated by the blood circulation of the brain, both antihypertensive effect, andFree radical brain arteriosclerosis.


The root of the ear.

Use both hands to eat, the middle two fingers at the same time sandwich the roots of both ears, from the bottom up slightly to try to grasp 36 times, can prevent high blood pressure and ear arteries and cerebral arteriosclerosis, tinnitus.


Hey the temple.

Use both hands to eat, insert the middle two fingers into the temples at both ends, first press the 揉 24 times clockwise, then press the 揉 24 times counterclockwise.

Dredge meridians, clear brain and eyesight, complications, neurological headaches, and prevent strokes.


揉Breakage ditch (the oblique groove above the ears).

Using the side of the thumb of both hands while simultaneously lowering the buckling sulcus 40 times, can lower blood pressure.


Massage the wind pool.

With both hands, neutralize the unnamed three fingers at the cervical vertebrae segment, and try to rub 81 times from top to bottom. It has the effects of insomnia, cervical pain, high blood pressure, cold, and stiff neck, and can prevent stroke.


Scratching the scalp.

Two hands and five fingers separately scratched the scalp, before and after, then left and right, and finally rotated and scratched until the scalp heated.

You can also comb the hair 200-300 times with a wooden comb to stimulate the peripheral nerves of the head, dilate the capillaries, and accelerate the blood circulation of the brain, which can lower blood pressure and cure cerebral arteriosclerosis.


Rotate the footnote.

Both hands hold the left ankle and lift it up, rotate 24 times clockwise, rotate 24 times counterclockwise, then change the right foot, shun, reverse 24 times each time, lowering blood pressure.


Yong Yongquan.

The two hands alternately rubbed the feet and the springs each with 200 times.

It is best to use a hot water of about 40 degrees for 15-20 minutes before going to bed every night, and add a boiled water in the middle to make the water temperature as early as possible.

After the feet are bathed and dried, the swells of the springs and the soles of the feet.

It can promote the smooth flow of blood and blood, nourish the liver and improve eyesight, warm the kidney, nourish the kidney water, and have complications of insomnia and high blood pressure.

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