How the five senses reflect physical health

How the five senses reflect physical health

Everyone needs to pay attention to the relationship between the five sense organs and the five internal organs. If there are some problems with the five sense organs, it means that there is a problem with the five internal organs. It seems that deafness is caused by the kidney.

If the nose is not smooth, or if the nose is very red, it is caused by lung heat and the eyes and the liver are connected. How can the five senses reflect the physical condition?

  How the five senses show physical health Ears and kidneys are auditory organs. In the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, there is a statement that “Kids open their ears to the ears”. Therefore, people with kidney disease will develop deafness and tinnitus symptoms. Conversely, if the hearing is sharp, the kidneysbetter.

  Tongue and Heart The tongue is the taste organ and is associated with the heart.

If the tip of the tongue is very dark, it may be a fire in the heart. If there is blood clots and bruises, it may be that the blood circulation is not good. If the tongue is sore, it may be overheating.

Some heart diseases can cause problems such as tongue inflexibility and tongue crunching.

  Nose and lung Nose is the channel and organ of breathing and is related to the lung.

If the nose looks red, it may be caused by lung heat, or it may be caused by a strong internal fire.

Nose bleeding or abnormal dryness may be caused by insufficient yin and excessive yang in the body.

  Eyes and liver Eyes are the most important sensory organs. The so-called “opening the liver to the eye” is closely related to the liver. If you have liver disease, it will appear on the eyes, yellow eyes will appear, and the two corners will become blue.

The inability of the eyes to see things may be related to insufficient blood in the liver. If the eyes appear red and swollen, it may be related to the strong liver fire in the body. If the eyes are dry, it may be caused by insufficient blood in the yin.

  Mouth and spleen appetite are the gateways to food entry and are related to the spleen and stomach.

From the appearance of the lips, some spleen and stomach problems can be polished.

For example, black lips may be due to coldness of the spleen and stomach, excessive redness of the lips, and fire in the spleen and stomach. If the lips are pale, there may be problems such as insufficient blood and blood in the body, anemia, malnutrition, and low spleen and stomach function.Caused by excess spleen and stomach.

  Everyone should understand some corresponding relationships as early as possible, and pay attention to their own changes and comprehensively adjust to avoid affecting their own health.

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