The efficacy and method of Luo Han Guo

The efficacy and method of Luo Han Guo

Speaking of Luo Han Guo, everyone’s most familiar effect is to cough and reduce phlegm. In addition, Luo Han Guo has some other effects?

The simplest way to take Luo Han Guo is to soak it in water, and you can also take it in soup.

Let’s take a closer look at the efficacy and methods of Luo Han Guo.

  Luo Han Guo’s efficacy and antitussive effect.

D-mannitol has an antitussive effect.

It can also be used for cerebral edema, which can increase blood osmotic pressure, reduce intracranial pressure, dehydration is stronger than urea, and has a long duration.

Thoroughly used as edema for large area burns and scalds, correct acute renal failure and reduce intraocular pressure, treat acute glaucoma, and replace sugar as a sweet food or flavoring agent for diabetic patients.

  Effect on the intestine.

Luo Han Guo Fitness Tea (including Luo Han Guo 77.

5%, containing 15% tea, containing 7.

5% Luo Han Guo preparation) has no significant effect on the intestinal spontaneous activity of mice, but it can enhance the spontaneous intestinal activity of rabbits and dogs.

It can reduce the intestinal rigidity caused by acetylcholine or barium chloride and eliminate the resistance, relax the intestinal tube and detoxify it; it can also inhibit the intestinal relaxation caused by adrenaline, and restore the intestinal tube to spontaneous activity.

Luo Han Guo Fitness Tea has been shown to have two-way regulation of bowel movement.

  Prevent sore throat.

Cutting fresh Luo Han Guo into pieces and then brewing it directly with boiling water can effectively prevent respiratory inflammation.

  Evil blood disease and resistance to aging.

Because Luo Han Guo contains a large amount of vitamin C, this nutrient can prevent physical discomfort and scurvy and cancer after entering the body. At the same time, it can nourish the skin and make the face younger.

  Suitable for diabetics.

Absolutely, diabetic patients need to strictly control the ingredients of sugar for their health. Otherwise, the damage to the body will be huge.

In fact, if you want to make your body healthy, diabetics are very suitable for taking Luo Han Guo, because this food contains a non-sugar sweet substance, which is not only very sweet, but also not produced in the body.Very suitable for diabetics.

In addition, the latest research also found that regular use of Luo Han Guo also has a certain anti-cancer effect.

  Next, learn how to take Luo Han Guo.

  How to take Luo Han Guo.

In fact, Luo Han Guo on the market is processed. If it is usually soaked in water, you can pinch the Luo Han Guo shell and take a small part of the Luo Han Guo into the cup and add water to brew. If you want to soakFor the whole pot of tea, you can also open a space directly before and after the whole Luohan nut shell, and directly put it in the kettle and add boiling water to mix.

  Soup method.

Luo Han Guo and lean meat are cooked into soups, which has a good effect of tonicing and depleting blood, and can nourish the lungs and relieve cough.

Luo Han Guo and pig’s lungs cook soup together, can nourish lung yin, clear throat and clear throat.

Decoction of Luo Han Guo and persimmon can clear away heat and moisturize the lungs, relieve cough and relieve throat, treat pertussis, dry cough and other symptoms.

  Luo Han Guo has many benefits. Come and try it.

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