Treat her as a lover

Treat her as a lover

Ask a middle-aged man with a lover: “Is it a wife or a lover?

The gentleman answered very simply: “Of course it’s a good lover.

“” What’s so good about it?

“” The romance of love and the madness of sex.

“Although the lover is good, after all, it is someone else’s (the few who can achieve positive results are a minority), and it takes effort and effort.

Why not turn your mind around and love your wife as a lover?

You know, your wife is the one who will accompany you throughout your life.

If you treat your wife as a lover and love, your marriage will be happy and happy.

Wife and lover are all women, they all have a love and love, just to see how men “developed”.

  Ordinary life can not be passionate for a long time. After a short glory, there is a long-term calm. In fact, love is just a feeling.

When you lead your dear girl into the palace of marriage, the rosy warmth will be replaced by a bland home life, and Fenghuaxueyue will be more transformed into oil-salt vinegar tea.

And the girl in the misty season in love is already your wife who has been with you day and night. The ruthless years slowly wear away the aura of your wife, and the attraction to you is no longer strong. The once romantic love seems to have been lost.

  At this time, why not treat your wife as a permanent lover and add a romantic “chocolate” to your home life?

It must be understood that the romance of love is not only in the spring season, each season has warm moments.

As a man, I think that I should only be considerate and caring for my wife before marriage, and I should take more care of her after marriage, take care of her, and take her to heart.

  In fact, the wife and the lover have the ghost like a lilac, the elegance like an orchid, the warmth like a rose, the temperament like a chrysanthemum, and the grace like a plum.

But she only opened in your eyes, in your heart.

When you are lonely, she quietly stands in your field of vision.

She will make you forget all the worldly troubles, talk about all the sadness, and get rid of the complicated trivialities.

It makes you more romantic when you are happy, it gives you a quiet talk when you are worried, and it gives you a little relief when you are sad, and it gives you a warm garden when you are unsure.

Let your numbness feel full of vitality again, as if the hard heart flows out of tenderness, and accompany you through the journey of life.

Give her all her tenderness, warmth, kindness, freshness, romance, and secret, beautiful heart.

  So please give thanks to your wife.

She has paid so much for you and deserves your care.

On Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to give your wife a bouquet of flowers; when the first rays of sunlight shine in the morning, don’t forget to give your wife a light kiss; when you return home, don’t forget to give your wife a fashion orSmall decorative items. In the home, I need to help my wife with more housework; late at work, I have to pick her up in the rain or rain; if she does n’t go home, she should give a word to the wife, and don’t let the wife bear the burden.

  Give a smile to your wife.

No matter how tired you are outside, it is also necessary to give your wife a smile. This is not to deceive, but to give your wife a tolerant and stable psychological space.

Your smile is a spring breeze, everything she has paid for you, this is the greatest satisfaction in this understanding smile.

  Give beauty to his wife.

You have to revive your wife’s pursuit of beauty, accompany her to the beauty salon for nursing, accompany her to enjoy concerts, accompany her to walk streets, accompany her to dance, accompany his wife to bodybuilding, and accompany her throughEvery moment of leisure time, let the wife come out of the busy housework, and give the wife time to love beauty; you also have to learn to appreciate your wife, she is in your mind, forever and forever Venus, to your wifeThere are characteristics, and one must give a gentle and praise to make the wife’s heart empty, floating beautiful clouds from time to time.

  Give understanding to wife.

Allow the beloved to have a secret of the heart, do not force to open the drift of her heart, give the wife a space to think alone, and let the wife maintain the freedom of a girl.

  To treat his wife as a lover, this double love technique is a state of love.

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