[Eating roast duck gets angry?

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[Eating roast duck gets angry?
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When it comes to roast duck, many foodie friends are sure to feel very embarrassed, because roast duck is tender and tender, and it tastes very fragrant, especially Beijing roast duck, which is world-famous.

Duck meat tastes delicious and its nutritional value is very high. Not only can it nourish the kidneys, it can also play a role in reducing swelling.

Some friends in life are easy to get angry, then will eating duck cause fire?

Duck meat is cold, and the food eaten by ducks is mostly aquatic organisms, so its meat tastes sweet, cold, enters the lung, stomach and kidney meridians, has nourishing, nourishing the stomach, nourishing the kidneys, removing bone heat and steaming, eliminating edema, and stopping heat and pus.Cough and phlegm effects.

Those who have heat in their bodies are suitable for eating duck meat. People with weak constitution, loss of appetite, fever, dry stool and edema are more beneficial.

Therefore, eating roast duck will not get angry, but any food should be taken in moderation, as is roast duck.

Roasted duck edible treatment method Wash the purchased duck, control the excess water on the surface, find a larger container, put the duck, and wipe the duck with salt.

Add soy sauce.

Add cooking wine.

Add star anise, cinnamon and peppercorns.

Add rock sugar, spring onion segments, and ginger slices.

Add water, mix these seasonings, pickle the duck, cover it with plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator, and pickle for one night. This will add more flavor. If you can’t wait that long, you can pickle for 2-3 hours.Used clean water.

Take out the pickled duck the next day and let it air dry for at least 5 hours in a cool place until the skin is dry and tight and shiny. Cut the apple into several pieces and stuff it into the duck belly. You can fix the opening with a toothpick.

Wrap the end of the duck leg and the tip of the wing with tin foil. The baking sheet is also wrapped with tin foil. The roast leg is tied with a damp cotton thread.

At this time, add the honey into the water to replace it, and then brush the duck over the body. Be careful when you brush, and apply the honey to the duck from all angles.

It can also be honey with salad oil, or honey with white vinegar, and honey with white vinegar is a crispy water formula. Put it in a barbecue and tighten it tightly.

After the surface water has drained a little, add it to a preheated 160 ° C oven and bake for 1 hour. Remove and brush honey water every 30 minutes, carefully every time, and wait for the skin to dry before baking.System, the last time after brushing honey water, adjust the oven to 220 degrees, and then bake for about 15 minutes.

The specific time depends on the specific conditions of your oven. If you are not sure, you can observe and adjust at any time.

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