Why are there pressures for worry-free white-collar life?

Why are there pressures for worry-free white-collar life?

Case 1: Miss Li, who saw sales in a future company at a glance, said that she is now stable in work and has no worries in life. Many friends are very envious of her, but she feels a lot of pressure.

She said that she often looks at the old employees in the company. They have been doing the same thing all their lives. Although they are young, but time passes by, their today may be their tomorrow.

She said that looking at the future is not good at first glance, and that in a competitive modern society, there may be new people to replace her at any time.

  Opinion: Zhu Xiaoping believes that modern people pay more attention to their own development and are completely worried about their consciousness. The superior work and life in front of them do not give them the motivation to change, but various external stimuli make them have to change, and this conflict has occurred.pressure.

In this regard, professionals should first formulate a career plan, pay attention to accumulation in existing work, and have the opportunity to achieve higher career goals.

  Case 2: Ms. Qian, who is more capable than working in an enterprise, said that she has developed very smoothly in the industry, and all types of enterprises have come across. Her current job is a piece of cake and she can get it.Higher salary.

However, she often woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep.

  Comment: The organizer of the event, Zhu Xiaoping, Ph.D. in Psychology, Shanghai Dehui Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. believes that younger people have achieved consciousness and realized their own value more than their parents.

Professionals like Ms. Qian completely exceed the requirements of work, and work will not bring them any pressure.

But it was her strong ability to work that caused her to have high demands on her, and pressure came into being.

  In response to this situation, Miss Qian herself found a solution.

She told reporters that she organized several clubs to develop courses on her own to release energy that could not be released at work.

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