[Efficacy and role of ginger scrambled eggs]_Can_Efficacy

[Efficacy and role of ginger scrambled eggs]_Can_Efficacy

Eggs are a common food in daily life. Eggs have a specific high nutritional value and are rich in rich nutrients. Frequently eating eggs has a certain effect on increasing body immunity, enhancing body resistance and promoting physical development.

Ginger is an indispensable condiment in the kitchen. Adding a bit of ginger to the dish when cooking will increase the taste of tilting. Ginger scrambled eggs have a certain effect on the treatment of cough, and the effect is obvious.

Efficacy and role of ginger scrambled eggs

Ginger scrambled eggs are used for warming expectorants and reconciling camp guards, which are especially suitable for cold and cough.

In addition, this prescription can also effectively treat cough caused by other reasons.

You can control how much you want to eat. It is better to eat before going to bed at night.

If you persist for a few days, it will have obvious results.



Wenhua expectorant ginger scrambled eggs treats cough recipe to eliminate disease. Clinical studies have shown that bronchitis, pneumonia, acute laryngitis, upper respiratory tract infections and other diseases are likely to cause cough. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that internal injuries of the internal organs, external sensation and the six stigmaIn the lungs, it causes a cough.

Production steps: shredded ginger; eggs are beaten; pour grease into a pan and heat over medium heat; fry ginger a little; pour in egg liquid; quickly stir up eggs with chopsticks; scrambled eggs with ginger are ready.Eat while hot.

Method of cough with eggs 1.

Vinegar Fried Eggs for Cough Vinegar Fried Eggs Therapy has wonderful effects on various coughs.

The method is: take 1 egg, beat in a bowl and stir well, put half a spoon of rice vinegar in a wok, and boil it with simmer, add the egg to the frying, add an appropriate amount of sugar after the egg is cooked, and eat immediately after cooling.

Eat one each morning and evening.

Cough is usually taken twice to relieve cough.


Ginger fried eggs to cough take a small piece of ginger, chopped one egg, topped with sesame oil, like fried poached eggs (sprinkle ginger into the eggs).

After cooking, eat while hot, twice a day, and cough will heal after a few days.

This “medicine” is delicious and has good curative effect. Those who can’t heal the cough for a long time and have no abnormalities in the lungs can try it.


Ginger scrambled eggs to cough, take ginger diced or shredded, beat the eggs into a bowl and mix well, then pour the fat into the pan and heat, then put the shredded ginger in the oil, and finally pour the eggs and cook them while hotEat it.
You can control the amount you eat, and it is better to eat before going to bed at night.


People with cough and jaw contracting chronic bronchitis are treated with white sugar and eggs. Cough is easy to occur after a cold and cold, chest pain is short of breath, and upset.

Mix white sugar with eggs and cook it after taking it. The effect is very good.

The method is as follows: Take one fresh egg and scoop it in a small bowl. Do not stir up the egg yolks and egg whites. Add an appropriate amount of sugar and a spoonful of vegetable oil. Cook in a water-proof pot at night before eating.

Eat 2?
3 coughs will heal.

Cough stubborn people can eat more times.

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