The room is dirty and messy, and women tend to gain weight?

The room is dirty and messy, and women tend to gain weight?

According to the US Science Daily report, a study published in the US Journal of Population Health Services found that dirty rooms, uncaring children and uncertain work can increase housewife stress and make it easier to overweight.

  The new study was completed by Dr. Earl Chambers, a professor at the University of Yashwa Einstein School of Medicine.

Researchers analyzed and interviewed 1,449 mothers and recorded their living environment and health status.

  It was found that in families with dirty rooms, poor economic conditions and various complications, women’s obesity rate increased by 48%, which is 16% higher than the overall obesity rate in the United States announced by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Researchers have found that women whose husbands are away from home and whose economic stability is unstable tend to have poor home cleanliness, while chaotic environments can make them feel lonely and uncertain, feel stressful in their lives, and thus overeating and irregular living.
  Researchers say that a clean environment and harmonious neighborhood relationships can help housewives reduce stress, have a good mood, and also consume them, improve bad lifestyles, and reduce the rate of obesity.

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