Too many mental health screen names will be affected

Too many mental health screen names will be affected

This is first of all because the hidden nature of online life provides the breeding ground for the “horse”.

  ”Ma Jia” mostly appears in the network activities mainly for entertainment, these network activities are completely strict identity verification, you can enjoy the vast sky and the sky inside.

  In fact, multiple screen names meet the needs of role transitions.

With the increase of age, people’s social roles are gradually positioned and recognized by the people around them. However, this role is not necessarily recognized by individuals. He imagines that he can appear in front of others with different roles and experience different role effects.

Multiple screen names can express the suppressed “self”.

Some people apply for a different account to release the suppressed “self”.

In real life, a gentle, introverted, shy, unnoticed girl may show completely opposite character characteristics on the Internet: open, wild, free and easy.

  Not all netizens like to wear multiple “cradles” for themselves.

People who agree with their online role or social role usually do not use multiple screen names, but use an account that is more consistent with their real role.

  The “cradle” makes the network more virtual.

A variety of horses easily make the online world a credibility indicator.

The “cradle” increases the insecurity of online life.

It also enables many unethical and illegal actions to be carried out in a more covert manner.

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