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There are 4 major dangers to be aware of when wearing skinny jeans

Guide: Women love beauty, this is born.

When “Hermione” in “Harry Potter” grew up, she would no longer wear a thick black robe.

Instead, use tight-fitting denim to show off his good figure.

In daily life, many women also like to wear tight pants, a pair of Martin boots, and a large T.

This is indeed “fan”, but it is “hurt” to the body!

  Hazard one: It is easy to cause poor blood circulation. Many white-collar workers sit in the office for one day without sitting at all.

What’s more terrible is that Erlang’s legs are tilted in tight pants.

It is not an elegant question, the point is that tight pants and continuous inactivity can easily cause blood circulation.

Do not think that it is worthwhile to get the feeling of aggrieved legs. It is definitely not worth the loss.

Speaking, “The flowing water is not rotten, and the household hub is not stingy.”

Over-tightening is a restraint on the body and also causes the 12 meridians to be blocked.

  Once the arterial blood of the lower limbs fails to circulate smoothly, it will cause amenorrhea, insufficient blood flow, and easily cause symptoms such as frostbite, cold feet, numb legs, and soft legs.

  It is important to note that women are not even allowed to go to the lower body during menstruation.

Tights affect blood circulation, cause dysmenorrhea, or exacerbate dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, menstrual period should wear loose pants, including underwear, of course.

  TIPS: Don’t be fooled by “beautiful”. In fact, let’s not say that it is leggings. When the human body is in a natural state, it is the most comfortable and healthy, and of course it is still the most beautiful.

Wearing tights can also cause your body to “fail”.

When buying pants, if the style you like is tight, you may choose a size larger than usual, so that it is not too tight.

In addition, when trying on pants, it is best to sit down and feel it.

  Harm two: Xu is the cause of vaginitis!

  Vaginitis is a more common gynecological inflammation. It is generally believed that vaginitis is caused by inattention to personal hygiene or due to unclean sex life.

But have you ever thought about the trouble with your leggings?

When the vagina and vulva are covered in a moist and tight environment for a long time, they are prone to vaginitis.

  Too many girls try to show their perfect figure, but ignore the beauty brought by leggings and vaginitis.

As the tights fit tightly against the skin, there is no room for ventilation.

After sitting for a long time, the body will emit sweat or other secretions. If it is not ventilated in time, it will easily breed bacteria and infect the genitals.

The recurrent episodes of laissez-faire vaginitis will expand the area of infection, even infection with cervical cancer, or pelvic inflammation caused by pelvic infection, which will be transmitted to the man through the life of husband and wife, leading to urinary system diseases.

  Especially during menstruation, it is easier to suffer from genital diseases due to closed and closed spaces.

  Harm 3: Causes of urinary tract infections. Females are more susceptible to external bacterial infestations than men because of their special body structure. When they suffer from certain diseases, they are like urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infections are extremely common in women. This is mainly because women have a short urethra, which is more vulnerable to bacteria than men.

Moreover, women’s urethral openings are closer to the anus, and they are likely to be in danger of being attacked by antibiotics.

In addition, the crotch of skinny jeans is generally low, and they are tightly attached to the female’s genitals.

It is easy to attach the bacteria or to leave them there.

What’s more, if you, like the little pig Luo Zhixiang, are not willing to wash and transform your good trousers, and think about turning it over and drying it casually, it is even worse!

Wearing tight pants for a long time, and not paying attention to cleaning the genitals or washing the pants in the toilet are very easy to bring urethral diseases to female friends.

  TIPS: Early treatment Although urinary tract diseases are more common, it is very dangerous to see a doctor early if you have frequent urinary tract infections.

Long-term prolonged death may also cause ascending spread, causing cystitis, ureteritis, and even pyelonephritis.

The PClady editor reminds you, do n’t forget to bring a paper towel when you go to the toilet, you know!  Harmful four: Bacteria “cultivate” tight leggings that are in close contact with the body, in fact, are accumulating a large number of “bacteria”. This bacteria is not a probiotic or mushroom.

This is a bacterium that causes many diseases!

  In fact, there are a large number of symbiotic bacteria in the human body, and of course there are excessive pathogenic bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, mold, and anaerobic bacteria. Under normal circumstances, they can be in a balanced state.

But some of these anaerobic bacteria like to breed in closed, dark and humid environments.

So you know, we usually wear tights, tights and so on for a day, but that’s more than ten hours, plus infrequent exercise.

Under the tight package for a long time, you think about, how many bacteria have to breed?


  Under normal circumstances, the content of anaerobic bacteria in a woman’s vagina is certain, but if the bacteria are allowed to breed, or if they are provided with a too good “living environment”, they are easy to burn and easy to produce!

   TIPS: “Dry” and “clean” In fact, it does not necessarily mean that women cannot wear tight pants or other pants, which is too terrible for women who do not like skirts.

Just be careful not to “poke” yourself with pants all day.

After sitting for a long time, it is best to change underwear once a day.

And try to choose cotton underwear, sit for a long time, feel sweaty or discomfort in the lower body, you have to go to the toilet for cleaning.

Of course, from a health perspective, loose-fitting pants are better than tight pants, which is the same for both men and women.

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