Qigong therapy for impotence

Qigong therapy for impotence

Qigong therapy is a traditional method of health and fitness for hypertension, which can cure and prevent diseases.

The specific application of qigong therapy to impotence is to abide by the law. The so-called observance of the law means to concentrate the mind completely on a certain point inside and outside the body, and to eliminate all distractions and enter the state of “forgetfulness”.

  There are three types of Italian law used to treat impotence: A.

Yishou Dantian method: Yishou is concentrated in Dantian, Dantian is three inches below the umbilicus (same body size), and Qigong Dantian refers to the position of the small bladder below the umbilicus.


The method of conscious guarding of life: The guard of consciousness concentrates on the gate of life, which is below the second lumbar vertebra of the back, opposite to the navel and abdomen.


Intentional perineum method: Intentional concentration is in the perineum, which refers to the area between the scrotum and the anus.

Specific method, 10-15 minutes before practicing, quiet yourself, sit on a bench, straighten your head, slightly retract your forehead, separate your legs and shoulder width, place your palms upwards under your thighs, and your shoulders will naturally fall.Eyelids are closed slightly, and the mouth is closed, but the upper and lower teeth are not bitten, and the tip of the tongue slightly touches the upper jaw. After these preparations are completed, the distractions are eliminated, and the attention is focused on Dantian. The inner vision and ear hearing are also concentrated on DantianThen, deliberately inhale Dantian inwardly when exhaling, and slowly release the gas from Dantian Department during inhalation, stop for a while, and repeat it several times until the idea is completely concentrated in Dantian.

Practice qigong must pay attention to the interference of the internal environment.

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