Seeing massage health from the path of Cixi

Seeing massage health from the path of Cixi

Cixi was the Queen Mother of the Qing Dynasty after he was succeeded by the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. She had listened to politics three times, and she died at the age of 74.

The current study believes that this is not unrelated to her favorite little eunuch Li Lianying.

Li Lianying is good at rhetoric, a flattery, and his early years of massage and health care, and then deliberately delved into it. His massage regimen reached a level of exquisiteness in the Qing dynasty, and it was quite a feast for the Empress Dowager. Wherever Cixi went,Let Li Lianying follow her side.

  Massage, that is, in a certain acupuncture point of the human body, use push, take, squat, pressure, squat, buckle, hit, move, roll, finger, pull, pinch, step and other techniques to achieve relaxation, health, prevent disease, prolong lifeThe purpose of health care has been in China for thousands of years.

The effect of massage can directly ventilate blood, relieve muscles and relax, regulate nervous system function, promote blood and lymph circulation, enhance disease resistance, remove stasis, relieve pain, adjust body function, improve metabolism, eliminate fatigue and promote sleep., anti-aging and so on.

Easy to use, and easy to promote.

It can be massaged by others or self-massage; it can be massaged whole body or localized, regardless of time or environment.

Conditional restrictions.

At present, it has begun to spread in hospitals and people’s homes.

Self-massage is one of the basic methods of self-care.

The ancient Luoyang people Liu several, good at warming the outer kidney (kidney pills), but also fine brain, years old and rare, the spirit is not bad; Su Dongpo is good at foot massage for longevity.

It is well known in ancient and modern times that the bath head makes the face shiny and anti-hypertensive; the ear can prevent ear disease and visceral disease; kneading the car hole, it helps the whole body meridian blood and smooth, can prevent all diseases; massage ribsIt can relieve liver and gallbladder gas, prevent abdominal distension and have special effects; friction can help digestion, have appetizing and spleen; massage Shenting, Yintang points, can regulate emotions.

Relax nerves; massage Quchi, Zusanli and other acupoints, have a health-care effect on hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Massage, can be done anytime, anywhere, suitable for all ages.

  However, although the massage is a good prescription, there are also contraindications: elimination of fasting, fullness, drunkenness and excessive massage after head exercise; elimination of pain in the pain, phlegm and tumor; avoid early massage at the fracture and joint dislocation;Cancel the stimulation of acupuncture points such as Hegu, Sanyinjiao, etc. for pregnant women suffering from infectious diseases, skin diseases, lymphangitis, hemophilia patients; eliminate the predictive arterial strong massage for patients with hypertension and anemia; avoid head massage for newborns.

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