Old people are afraid of cognitive decline

Old people are afraid of cognitive decline

Everyone has to experience life and death, this is the normal state of human beings. Death is something everyone does not want to mention and fear.

For the elderly, after trying to taste the world, they are not so afraid of death. They are even more afraid of this.

  The decline in cognitive ability will gradually worsen the age of the elderly, but the most important thing is that cognitive ability will also decline.

This includes memory, perception, hearing, smell and more.

They are strangers to the most dear, and the things in life are unconscious and the reaction becomes dull.

This is mainly due to changes in the brain function of the elderly, caused by the synthesis and metabolic decay of central nervous system transmitters.

  Lonely old people are older, and their children also have their own families. From time to time, they often stay with them. The usual feelings and moods cannot be vented, and slowly they will feel lonely.

The best solution is that the elderly go out to make some friends and participate in social activities. When they feel lonely at home, friends are the best people to talk to.

Usually, you should go out and breathe properly, and do some exercise properly. In addition to being good for your health, life will be a lot more.

  Widowed, we often see that once an elderly couple is widowed, they may soon follow the “sorrow” because they can’t stand the grief of losing their partner.

And studies have shown that the half-year of death of a partner is a dangerous period of death, during which the immune function is only 1/10 of the usual.

Therefore, the elderly should be psychologically prepared for the “going” of the other half. Usually, they can cultivate some hobbies and interests, and they can shift the shadow of sadness.

  Children who are not filial are worried about their children for a lifetime, in order to be happy, and they can enjoy their old age.

However, some children do not take the elderly seriously, not only do not rely on the responsibility of support, but also add a lot of trouble to the elderly.

  Because the elderly have poor psychological endurance, they are also very susceptible to mental illness. Therefore, children should be given more care and love, and should not let them have psychological problems.

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