Neglected characteristics of gifted children

Neglected characteristics of gifted children

What kind of child is smart?

Is the exam scored 100 points?

  Parents always use test results as a preliminary criterion for smart and good children.

British scholars have found that this kind of thinking of parents may kill their potential talents.

They suggested that parents should carefully observe their children’s performance in addition to their academic performance, because that may indicate that the child is a “genius” in some aspects.

  Former Lecturer Benadette Tenan, a former lecturer at the Gifted Children’s Research Centre at the University of Oxford, believes that many gifted children may not perform well in school or exams, but their performance in other areas can show that they have higher talents than peer children.
  Tainan has compiled a list of genius children’s characteristics for parents who hope to be successful, in order to discover their children’s potential.

In the list, she estimates that the 6 most important talent characteristics of elementary school students are most easily overlooked by parents.

  Feature 1: Leaders who like to give orders.

Children who are good at redistributing items or ordering the whole class in school in an undisturbed manner may have leadership and organizational skills that they may use.

  Feature two: young tycoon.

In elementary school, some children soon discovered that if they accumulated ordinary pocket money, they would have a lot of money to spend during the holidays.

These children are likely to become people like Richard Branson, president of British Virgin Atlantic.

  Feature three: Ask the roots.

Some children are always curious and sometimes even bother to ask questions.

But if they are cultivated and recognized by their parents, they are likely to become reporters or astronauts.

  Feature four: designer.

If this type of child is left alone for a while, he will be able to build a model of the French Eiffel Tower from the building blocks.

Children with this talent are design geniuses.

  Feature five: storyteller.

Some children like to tell stories and write stories.

Their imagination is rich.

Parents who find their children have personality should cultivate their children well, because they are likely to be the next JK Rowling.

Rowling is the author of the “Harry Potter” series of fantasy novels.

  Feature six: speaker.

Such children like to talk to others.

They whispered with their classmates even during class.

As parents, please do not stop them.

Their behavior shows that they have special speaking skills, and if they learn correctly, he may become a lawyer or TV anchor.

  Tainan believes that the “determination of winning or losing the test” is destroying children’s creativity and innovation.

“Not all abilities of a child can be found with a pen and a paper exam.

“They may be good at architecture, have rich imagination, or have leadership skills.”

These talents cannot be simply ruled.

“Absolutely, Tainan said, the exam can hardly unearth some children’s talents in addition to their studies, and they may bury some good students because they sometimes consider the answers too complicated in the exam, hoping to translate the deeper meaning, but usuallyThe translation requires only direct answers.

  Tainan advises parents to attach importance to cultivating their children’s problem-solving and reasoning skills to enhance their chances of success.

“Every child has special talents,” she said.

Give them a chance and they can really surpass others.

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