Winter skin needs special care

Winter skin needs special care

In the cold winter, most people know that they need to constantly add clothing to prevent frost and keep warm, and they will not forget to put seals on their windows or buy a bottle of antifreeze for their private cars.

However, most people are still at a loss when asked what to do with their skin during the winter.

  Dermatologists caution that in winter, people need to take proactive measures to protect their skin and don’t let the dryness of the winter scratch your skin.

For humans, there are still enough ways to deal with the adverse effects of harsh natural environments on their skin.

  In winter, the key to protecting your skin is not to let your skin be overwhelmed by dryness.

Experts say this protection goes beyond beauty or skincare.

Because the cold and dry winter can make people’s skin chapped and bleeding, so that the skin, this barrier against germs from entering the body becomes fragile before the enemy’s attack.

  As far as the skin of various parts of the human body is concerned, the skin on the face is the most vulnerable place because it is always exposed.

Therefore, you should use mild soap when washing your face in winter. Once you wash your face with warm water, do not use hot water.

When using a face cream, do not overuse products containing polyacids.

Beauty products containing this ingredient can peel off aged skin and are more effective for dry skin.

However, if the face cream is used excessively in winter, the newly-grown skin will often be exposed to low temperature.

  In places where it is often snowy, and when there is snow outdoors, be careful to wear sunglasses to prevent snow from reflecting UV light to your insulation.

At the same time, don’t forget to use UV-resistant lip balm to protect your lips from cracking.

Here are some winter skincare recommendations from experts: 1.

In winter, although people like to take hot baths.

However, the temperature of the water that is good for the skin is warm water, because the natural oils on the skin are thoroughly washed away by hot water, and this natural oil is more effective than your skin care products to dry out after bath.


It is generally not more than 15 minutes to take a bath in winter.


If you must take a hot bath, use a bath or mild soap.

Immediately after bathing, that is, when the skin is not completely dry, apply emollients to various parts of the body.

Initially helps to penetrate emollient ingredients into the upper layers of the skin.


When men shave in the winter, it is best not to use a shaving cream. Instead, use a shampoo instead.


On those parts of the body that are prone to chapped skin, it is best to use skin care products such as vaseline.

Unlike ordinary skin care products, petroleum jelly can “seal” the skin and reduce the evaporation of water, which is very effective in protecting relatively dry skin.


After washing or washing your hands, use a hand cream that retains moisture.


Since people have more exposed skin when they are at home than outdoors, using a humidifier is a good way to solve dry skin.

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