Be careful not to disturb male psychological restricted area

Be careful not to disturb male psychological restricted area

I thought that my partner should be close and intimate, we could talk about everything, and there were no taboos.

In fact, this kind of thought is very dangerous, and may become a fatal factor that hurts the relationship between you and him, and even breaks this relationship!

Deep in the hearts of men, there are several nerves that cannot be “touched”, and some words that you think are “good for him” may very well cause men’s self-esteem to be stabbed and irritated.

  Don’t “teach” a man how to do it, and let him feel that you are arrogant. Maybe you are out of good intentions, and communicate with him about career advancements and methods of dealing with interpersonal relationships.

But he may think you doubt his maturity or look down on his achievements today.

In the eyes of a man, asking his girlfriend to teach him how to work and how to behave is an extreme distrust of his ability, and even extends to your dissatisfaction with his current position and income.

The real thoughts of women just want to communicate with men about the way of life is similar to be more effective and more valuable for themselves, there is no meaning of questioning the ability of men.

  Fang Hui, 29, often gets rather unhappy because of this conversation with her husband.

She is also very dissatisfied with her husband’s indifferent attitude. She thinks that she is kind and fails to report well. Her husband also believes that she is abandoning herself, and the two are very unhappy because of these minor problems.

  Therefore, when a woman mentions this problem with her husband, one should not compare it with other male friends. Second, don’t use him as the center of the topic. You can use “Weekly to talk about what XX was like .” to prevent men from standingThe center of the problem gave him a more sane analysis of the problem.

  Minefield: Shirly ‘s first boyfriend, who is comparing each other ‘s former boyfriend and girlfriend, often calls Shirly recently because of her business relationship, so her husband is very dissatisfied.

But Shirly thinks: We are just ordinary friends and we can also do business. Why refuse others?

Shirly admits nothing is wrong.

But men also feel insecure. Even if you are already his wife, he can still feel uneasy about your contact with ex-boyfriend.

  At the same time, men hate women the most and ask questions such as “Is your former girlfriend prettier than me?”

“,”Why did you split up?

“Which step do you take?” “Is she or me?”

“This gossip question, if you hear any rumors from your sister vaguely, don’t blame him for getting angry.

It is very difficult for a man to face his failed relationship, but you have to “force” him to talk about his failure experience, which is cruel.

And in the subconscious, he always hopes that he can outperform your ex-boyfriend. Although you can’t feel his curiosity when you vaguely mention it, in fact, he really cares.

  Therefore, for the peace and peace of your two people’s world, don’t talk about their past relationships easily, and of course don’t put them on the shelf without mentioning them. It is a clever way to deal with things that don’t hinder generosity and actually have some good words from each other.

… Don’t be awkward with him in bed. If he makes you feel bad about sex, you should say it, but the method should be appropriate.

Don’t be sloppy, like being insulted, otherwise the man will be quite confused and think you are moody.

In addition, suspicion of sexual abilities will also be his “amazing shame”.

If you have any dissatisfaction, you can consider to express it in another way. It is a good way to transfer firepower by making an essential oil caressing or adult toys in advance.

  If your lover didn’t have much sexual experience before, don’t show your disappointment, let’s watch adult movie tuition together.

In order to make you happy, I believe he is happy to do so.

  Don’t interfere with his hobbies and tastes. He likes playing in the navy jersey on the court. It may be an unbearable hobby for you.

In the face of piles of clothes that seem to have just been dug out of the mound, you are really intolerable with cleanliness.

But it is his specialty project that he is most proud of!

  You carried out “reform” in the face of his wardrobe, emptying you of the old-fashioned, outdated gray-blue shirt and jacket, but that was the most comfortable and commonly used thing he wore.

You think that the fashion he bought for him is noble and elegant, but he sniffs it as “vulgar, material.”

  It’s no surprise that men’s taste for women and women’s taste are often different. Don’t you know anything about computer maintenance at home?

Don’t force him to change his hobbies. If you really care about his clothing taste, you may wish to add some styles of your choice to the wardrobe, encourage him to wear it once more, and let him gradually accept your suggestions.

Sometimes, they may also be reluctant to admit that you are right, and give him some face and time. Anyway, he can achieve his purpose.

  Although good-faced men are full of multiple personal forbidden zones, it does not mean that you cannot express your dissatisfaction.

May wish to change your perspective.

Good at choosing speech skills will make your life sweeter and more harmonious.  Comment on his family and friends. Men don’t like rappers. You better not set yourself up like this.

Even if his family or friends have very vulgar behavior or unreasonable behavior, don’t comment lightly. If you criticize arbitrarily, it will make him feel that you dislike his background.

It ‘s best to stay away from it without preventing you, but if you prevent your normal life, you must talk to him, I believe he will find a solution.

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