Beware of dermatitis for baby sleeping mats in summer

Beware of dermatitis for baby sleeping mats in summer

[Leader]Be careful of sleeping dermatitis when giving baby sleeping mats in summer.

Recently, a few patients in a hospital have added a few babies suffering from “mat dermatitis.”

In this way, pediatric experts warn that the new mat will cause allergens such as parasites, and babies are prone to dermatitis after skin contact.

Therefore, it is best to sleep on the old mats in summer, and do “sweeping once a day, and drying once a week.”

  “有一个妈妈买了新凉席给孩子睡,刚睡了三天就全身红肿,将孩子送到医院检查后发现孩子患上了‘凉席性皮炎’”,专家介绍,因为新凉席含有很多致敏Source, allergic children often have allergic reactions after contact, causing allergic dermatitis.

There are also some parasites parasitic in the gaps between the mats. Adults may also experience redness, swelling and itching after sleeping.

  The doctor said that in order to prevent “seat dermatitis”, we must first choose a good mat.

It is best to lay an old mat for your baby. When using it for the first time every year, use hot water to blanch it, and then expose it to the sun.

Do not choose straw mats, because they are prone to infectious insects and are themselves allergens.

  Second, keep the mats clean and hygienic.

Before using the new mat every year, it must be sterilized by high temperature, scalded with boiling water, and then exposed to the sun.

Do “sweeping once a day and drying once a week”.
Once “seat dermatitis” occurs, do not scratch at will.

  You can get rid of allergens first, such as changing mats or not using mats.

At the same time, you can take some anti-allergic drugs and vitamin C under the guidance of a doctor. The symptoms generally improve within three days.

If the allergy caused by formaldehyde bugs, you should use some topical medications, usually about a week can be cured.

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