3 new ways to keep your body fresh

3 new ways to keep your body fresh

First, improve basal metabolism: 3 new tricks to keep the body fresh.

hzh{display:none;}  你知道吗?Basal metabolism is the “contributor” to the continuation of everyone’s life. It not only provides the body with the necessary nutrients to maintain life, but also provides cells with energy to maintain body temperature.

Basal metabolism accounts for as much as 70% of human metabolism and plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring healthy quality.

Once this function becomes no longer smooth, our detoxification ability, breathing ability, circulation ability, and absorption ability will be “fatal blow”, and life is no longer alive.

  1, 20 ℃ -30 ℃, metabolism is the most stable Recently, Japan’s survey on “the impact of temperature on health”: the human body in the 20 ℃ -30 ℃ environment, the most stable metabolism.

Therefore, it is important to keep the temperature within this range.

The best constant temperature method in autumn is to use a healthy drink to adjust the body temperature at any time.

Japan’s newly developed pure dew made from natural plant extracts has this effect.

Add 2 drops of pure dew in cold water. After absorption, the natural ingredients in it will be replaced and absorbed, thereby mobilizing the body’s self-regulation mechanism to adjust the internal body to the most comfortable temperature, and the basic metabolism will naturally continue to increase.

  2. Use your brain without moving your legs. It is also useful to rely on imagination alone!

  If you are exhausted every day, the basal metabolism will be greatly reduced, which will not hinder the use of meditation exercises: lie down on the sofa, turn off the computer, TV, and be free from external interference.

Imagine walking at a brisk pace in the playing field while walking at the same time to adjust your breathing.

At this time, the cardiopulmonary function will be improved, and every cell in the body will be mobilized, and the basic metabolism will naturally become active.

  3, choose the right snack, not fat, but thin For increasing the basic metabolism of the human body, the essence of snacks can not be replaced, talk about sweet potatoes, which contains cellulose, the excess aunt, sugar, toxins in the body to replace the body to maintain the bodyThe acid-base balance increases the body’s metabolism; the calcium, selenium, lecithin, and vitamin E metabolized in corn also provide irreplaceable metabolic nutrients to the body’s circulation.

  Second, reduce the chance of physical accidents: don’t be fooled by the bathroom scale!

Slight is the king. If an adult has too much content in the body, although the weight may not increase significantly for a while, too much invisibility will “buy a foreshadowing” inside the body.

Many people will say at this time: I have been slimming down, absolutely slim!

But in fact, the trace amount of the body is not the weight of the body, it is very important to reduce the rate of poor health!

The so-called metabolic rate is the ratio of body weight in the body.

Although many people are not overweight, they are unfortunately not low.

If you want to lower your body age, you can’t completely trust your actual weight, and increasing your slight metabolic rate is the real first choice.

  1. Intravenous legs, unfortunately burning fast!

  The correct legs can increase the self-burning ability of an adult and return his metabolic rate to normal.

The specific method is: stamp the tip of the foot, the toe supports the weight of the entire body, the legs start up and down, left and right sides.

Utilizing the knee joint, the full movement of the contracted joint drives a slight burn, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of slight hoarding.

  2, rhythm bath, let the unfortunately go to the bath with the flow of water, you may know the temperature of water to regulate accidental metabolism.

But in fact it can achieve very little effect.

May wish to use the rhythmic bath method we recommend for you.

During the bath, first sit upright, restrain the waist strength and let the body sink down until the upper body is immersed in water.

This kind of whole body exercise makes the body burn slightly and uniformly, and there will be no metabolic irregularities, but it will be able to slightly maintain normal metabolism.

  3, pool cycling, 5 minutes to balance the micro metabolic rate Researchers at the University of Westminster in the UK pointed out that the effect of pedaling leg training in deep water to achieve a balanced micro metabolic rate far exceeds the benefits of normal swimming.

You need to do this: cycle your legs in the pool by cycling, and then stop sliding on the water to keep your body floating in the water.

Keep it for 5 minutes to balance the body’s small metabolic rate.

  Third, stay away from the three bad habits that “age” the body The following three bad habits often appear in your life, although on the surface it seems to be healthy and does not cause much obstruction, but it allows the body to ageInfinite rise, you must be careful.

  1. Isn’t the longer the sleep time, the better you can sleep to avoid fatigue and not cause aging?

But in fact, irregularly increasing sleep time is more likely to cause the body’s basal metabolic rate to slow down, and the muscle rate to underground, leading to an increase in the body’s age.

The best time to sleep in autumn is 7.5 hours.

  2. Concentrated exercise is to increase the body’s age and annual leave, and to exercise constantly on weekends, you must replenish your daily exercise time.

As a result, the body is sometimes extremely fatigued, and sometimes extremely fatigued, which in turn leads to impaired organ function, leading to an “aging” of the body.

  3. Keep electrical appliances away from your bed. If you place televisions, home theaters, and other electrical appliances in the bedroom, the radiation will have a lot of adverse effects on the body and seriously damage the body’s detoxification ability.

Therefore, please return to a comfortable and natural bedroom: a fragrance lamp, a soft and hard bed, and keep the air fresh at all times, so that the body can get the perfect rest!

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