Beating children can cause psychological bias

Beating children can cause psychological bias

Parents often beat their children out of impulse, but they can cause irreparable serious consequences.

Children who are often beaten will have the following bad mentalities and psychological deviations.

  1. Lying: Some parents fight when they find that their child has done something wrong.

In order to avoid the suffering of the flesh, the child can conceal it if it can be concealed, and deceive it if it is deceived, because once it is deceived, the “disaster” can be reduced.

But children lie, often untenable, easy to find by parents.

In order to punish their children for lying, parents have strengthened their attitudes.

In order to avoid being beaten, the child will lie the next time he does something wrong, which constitutes a vicious circle.

  2. Cowardly: If a child is often beaten and kicked by his parents for a long time, this kind of child will feel scared and dare not approach when he sees his parents.

Therefore, no matter what his parents ask him to do or whether his parents are right or wrong, he has to obey.

Children who grow up in such an environment of poor absolute obedience are often prone to inferiority and cowardice.

Such children often obey, obsessively, and passively learn.

  3, loneliness: Children who are often beaten will feel lonely and helpless.

In particular, parents hit children in public, causing children’s self-esteem to be hurt. They often doubted their abilities, felt “lower than others”, felt more depressed, and were silent. They thought that teachers and children looked down on themselves and couldn’t look up.

Therefore, such children are often unwilling to communicate with parents and teachers, unwilling to play with children, and cause loneliness in character.

  4, stubborn: Some parents beat their children at every turn, damaging their self-esteem, causing them to have opposing emotions and rebellious psychology.

Therefore, some children use random troubles to show resistance. You want east, he wants west, and they make parents angry.

Some children’s parents are more and more unaware of their mistakes and lack of energy. They often run away from home and truancy to fight against their parents, becoming increasingly stubborn.

  5. Crude: Because the child has a strong imitation, his parents beat him at home, and he hit other children outside, especially younger children.

Parents playing children actually play a bad role model in teaching their children to play other children.

  6. Strange: After some parents hit their children, they still insisted that the children “recognize their mistakes”, indicating that their children have received education.

In doing so, the exclusivity of the child’s thinking can only increase.

On the surface, the child seems to follow the parents’ requirements to do a good job. In fact, the resistance is great.

After being beaten, he will be at a loss, restless, and over time, the child will become more and more strange.

  7. Moody: Some parents feel sorry for their heartache after hitting their child, that is, they stroke the child’s painful area, even cause the child to cry, and double the child’s material compensation.

In this case, the child will feel inexplicable at the beginning, but as time goes by, they will become accustomed to it.

Slowly the child became moody.

  It is certainly wrong for parents to expect to educate their children through calling.

Fighting will only cause children to have all kinds of bad mentality and psychological deviations, and we must never get the effect of educating children.

It is sincerely hoped that the parents of the children do not hit their own children.

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