The kidney is not good, eat less two things, drink three waters, do four precepts, the kidneys will be stronger

The kidney is not good, eat less “two things”, drink “three waters”, do “four precepts”, the kidneys will be stronger

The kidney is a substantial pair of organs, one kidney and two kidneys, which dominate the important physiological functions of generating urine and filtering blood.

Chinese medicine also believes that the kidney is the innate nature of human beings, so it is necessary to raise the kidney first.

80% of the toxins in our body are metabolized by the kidneys. The kidneys are better than the body’s detoxification “valve”, which filters bacteria and toxins in the blood and can replace the body.

However, many habits in life can hurt the kidneys. People with bad kidneys will have the following manifestations: 1. Abnormal urine, increased or decreased urine output, and a lot of foam in the urine. This is the performance of proteinuria.

2, body edema, the kidney is an organ that metabolizes water, the kidney is faulty, the water will stay in the body, causing eyelids or body edema.

3, hearing loss, ear color is pale, afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, mostly lack of kidney yang.

4, sexual ability decreased, suffocating, accompanied by back pain, change the situation of the night, mostly lack of kidney essence.

5, a lot of hair loss, a dozen or more drops at a time, and their skin is dull, no luster.

6, the eye circles are black, the Yintang is black, and it is also a typical performance of the kidney.

The kidney is not good, eat less two things, reduce the pressure of high blood pressure, 1, the waist folk is often considered: to shape the shape, is what to eat what, so the kidney is not good, often eat some kidney to achieve their own kidneypurpose.

In fact, this is not only the beginning of the effect of nourishing the kidney, but will damage the kidneys and increase kidney damage.

The reason is that the animal’s kidney is also a biological metabolism of the body’s toxins, and the high plasma and protein content in the kidneys can easily lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

At the same time, the kidney also contains heavy metal cadmium. Excessive consumption can induce male testis, epididymis and other tissues and organs to function functionally, impairing sperm health and aggravating kidney damage.

2, noodles noodles is also the most commonly eaten food in everyone’s life, but I do not know, the noodles have a high salt content.

The noodles must be salted during the production process to increase the strength of the noodles, ensure the elasticity of the noodles, and make them more vigorous.

The package on the outside of the noodles is usually marked with sodium content, 100 grams of noodles, and up to 3 grams of salt.

The amount of salt absorbed during the day is less than 6g, so there is no need to put salt when cooking the noodles.

When salt is released again, high blood pressure, urinary protein and edema are reported.

Kidney is not good, drink three waters, promote kidney detoxification: 1, Fanmai tea, kidney and detoxification formula: Mix the rice, silk, rose, dandelion, hot water brewing on behalf of the teaJust fine.

Fanmai must enter the kidney and bladder, have diuretic and choleretic effects, and are often used in the treatment of nephritis, edema, hepatitis, diabetes, urinary calculi, biliary calculi and dysuria.

It can improve kidney function, reduce or eliminate edema, reduce or eliminate urine protein, etc., and is beneficial to kidney health.

Rose, warm, can neutralize the coldness of dandelion and reconcile tea.

Yuzhu is also a good medicine for nourishing yin and sputum, which helps to improve the immunity of kidney deficiency.

Dandelion, known as “week bed grass”, and “natural antibiotics”, has a good diuretic, anti-inflammatory effect, can improve the edema caused by high blood pressure, promote the discharge of harmful substances through the vein, prevent nephritis.

The four are mixed with water to drink, which is very helpful for kidney detoxification and anti-nephritis.

2, sweet-scented osmanthus water, protect liver and kidney formula: take osmanthus 3g, 枸杞 10 capsules, while mixing with water to drink.

Osmanthus can achieve the effect of nourishing Yin and tonifying the kidney, which can regulate the endocrine of the body very well. For those with kidney deficiency, it can also play the role of detoxification and beauty.

The glycerin contained in the sputum has a certain protective effect against liver damage, and it has a certain relief for binocular dryness and unclear vision.

3, Du Zhonglong eye water, Bushen Yijing formula: take 3g of Eucommia ulmoides, 5 longan, will be mixed with water to drink.

Eucommia ulmoides leaves have a good effect on liver and kidney and strong bones, and can also improve sexual ability and benefit men.

Longan is good at tonifying qi and blood. It is very symptomatic for people with qi deficiency and blood loss.

The kidneys are not good, the four rings, the kidneys will get better and better: 1, replace the various additives in the sweet drink, even the juice drink, added sugar.

Once these beverages occur in the body, they need a lot of water to participate in the body, and the beverages, such as coffee, can produce caffeine and diuretic effects.

It will greatly promote the discharge of water in the body, so the more you drink the more thirsty, the more you will increase the burden on the kidneys.

2, detoxification to take medicine due to the refractory nature of kidney disease, so that many people are eager to seek treatment of remedies, like many of the better remedies, are selling fake drugs with aunt.

It may be that these drugs can not only avoid the effect of curing the disease, but will increase the kidney disease, the unknown substances added inside, and even lead to kidney failure.

Therefore, it is recommended that kidney friends must go to the hospital for distance to avoid nephrotoxic drugs, such as Chinese medicine containing aristolochic acid: Longdan Xiegan Pill, Guanmutong, etc. If the consequences are unpredictable.

3, to nourish many people like Guangdong, I like to drink soup, especially like to add a variety of ingredients in the soup, I think this soup is a big supplement.As everyone knows, such an “old fire soup” instead hurts and drinks more without doubt about the body.

Because the old fire soup is melted and cooked, it contains a variety of ingredients in the soup, in the process of cooking old fire soup, a large amount of earthworms will dissolve in the broth, often will increase the uric acid content, damagekidney.

Therefore, drink soup to drink light soup, less nourishing.

4, long-term stay up all night long staying up late, lack of sleep, will lead to decreased body immunity, induced recurrence of kidney disease, will increase the risk of uremia.

A study published in the authoritative journal Nephrology, Kidney International, shows that people who sleep less than 5 or 6 hours a night have a 70% increased risk of proteinuria and 75% of those who sleep 7 to 8 hours a night.The speed of the function will drop again.

In order to restore kidney disease, you must also ensure regular sleep, try to fall asleep before 11 o’clock in the evening.

Finally, teach you a set of ear and kidney method, people with bad kidneys can do more: the kidney is open to the ear, so massaging the ear can stimulate the kidney.

Method 1: The whole ear massage method will heat your hands, then hold your ears for 5 seconds. After feeling that your palms are no longer hot, use your moderate strength to rub your ears.

After 2 minutes, I took my heart again and the technique was the same as before.

This method can dredge the meridians and has a dual health effect on the kidneys and the organs of the whole body.

Method 2: 揉 揉 法 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉

This method has the effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the brain. It also has certain effects on headache, cervical spondylosis, low back pain, impotence and other symptoms.

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